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Awesome Articulation

From Jul 12, 2021 to Jul 23, 2021

July 12-23, from 9:00-10:30. Cost is $350. In this fun, intensive, and interactive camp, articulation skills are targeted and improved in speech-language pathologist led activities. Each participant will receive an individual consultation to set the families’ individualized speech goals for the camp, daily group therapy, daily individual therapy, and an actionable plan for carryover at home.

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Sensory Stretch Yoga Classes

From Jun 04, 2021 to Jun 25, 2021

Friday's in June at 10:30-11:30. Cost is $200.00 In these calming yoga sessions, kids will love working on sensory integration, physical posture, and stretching. Kids will learn self-regulation and mindfulness while improving their strength, balance, posture, and confidence in fun creative sessions designed and taught by our physical and occupational therapy teams. We require a $

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Ninja/Jiu Jitsu Camp

From Jul 02, 2021 to Jul 30, 2021

Friday's in July from 10:30-11:30. Cost is $200.00. This will be a camp that any child can find their inner ninja and learn the Japanese practice of martial arts known as Jiu Jitsu. This camp will be led by one of our Physical Therapists who has practiced Jiu Jitsu for many years and comes with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Your child will learn self defense techniques, how to fall cor

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Food Explorers for Picky Eaters Camp

From Jul 07, 2021 to Jul 28, 2021

Friday's in May 8:30-10:00. Cost is $250.00. In this playful and hands-on camp, kids will learn to become food explorers! We will work on expanding food repertoires and developing healthy positive interactions with food in our state-of-the-art kids’ test kitchen! Together with friends, we will tackle the issues of picky eaters in a positive and rewarding environment led by therapists t

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Eating the Rainbow-Healthy Eating Cooking Classes for Kids

From Jul 09, 2021 to Jul 30, 2021

Friday's in July beginning July 9th from 8:30-10:00. Cost is $250. In these garden-to-table interactive cooking classes, kids will learn the importance of healthy eating and incorporating a variety of fruits and vegetables into their diets on a daily and weekly basis. Our registered dietician will facilitate a love of healthy eating by creating positive interactions with food. Kids will

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Finger Play-Precursor to Writing Camp

From Jul 02, 2021 to Jul 09, 2021

One class either on 07/02 or 07/09. Cost will be $200. This will be a wonderful camp to introduce your young children to the idea of hand writing. Members of our Occupational Therapy team will work with your child on the foundation skills that need to be in place before learning to write. They will guide your child through fun, sensory activities to strengthen hands and fingers to give your child

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Power Printing- Handwriting Without Tears Camp

From Aug 02, 2021 to Aug 13, 2021

Dates are 08/02-08/13. Cost is $200. Ages 6-9. We are offering multiple handwriting camps this summer following the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum led by our Occupational Therapy team. Kids will practice their handwriting skills through direct handwriting instructions and fun and interactive group games. A screening will be provided at the beginning of each camp so that we can meet your ch

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Friendship Club-Social Skills Classes

From Jun 04, 2021 to Jun 25, 2021

Friday's in June from 10:00-11:00. The cost is $200. In these fun and interactive classes, our friends will learn the social aspects of making and keeping friends. We will learn how to recognize social cues, how to join a group, how to read facial expressions and nonverbal cues, how to interpret and express feelings appropriately, how to build upon likenesses, how to have and express empathy

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