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TherapyTown provides exceptional comprehensive speech, occupational, & physical therapy services, and nutritional counseling, to children Birth-18 years of age. Each therapist uses a child/family centered approach with the core belief that therapy should be a fun, challenging, & a highly rewarding experience that a child looks forward to each week. At TherapyTown, we are committed to not only assisting children overcome their immediate challenges, but also to seeing that children build successes that will last a lifetime. We are in the business of helping children achieve their dreams…one step at a time.

Child-Friendly Treatment Options

Our Tulsa location offers an impressive 18,000 square feet of child-friendly treatment options, ensuring a welcoming and comfortable environment for children during their therapy sessions.

Full Sensory Gym

Our facility features a full sensory gym equipped with a ball pit, swings, sensory slide, and more, providing a stimulating and engaging space for children to enhance their sensory integration and motor skills.

Engaging Physical Therapy Gym

In our physical therapy gym, children can enjoy activities on a trampoline, climbing equipment, and even play large lawn games, making therapy sessions fun and exciting while working on their physical abilities.

Safe and Accessible Flooring

With fall-rated turf and poured rubber surfaces throughout our facility, we prioritize safety and accessibility, ensuring a secure environment for children to move, play, and explore.

Covered Outdoor Playground

Our covered outdoor playground area is a favorite among our patients, offering a space for outdoor play and exploration while maintaining protection from various weather conditions.

Vegetable Garden Experience

At TherapyTown, we provide a unique experience for our patients with a vegetable garden where they can actively participate in planting and picking vegetables, fostering a sense of responsibility, engagement, and connection with nature.

Our Approach

At TherapyTown, our approach is centered around the child and their family. We believe in creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where therapy is not only effective but also enjoyable. Our dedicated team of therapists utilizes evidence-based techniques and personalized treatment plans to meet each child’s unique needs. We prioritize collaboration with families, working together to set goals, track progress, and ensure continuity of care. Through a fun and engaging approach, we strive to empower children, enhance their confidence, and promote lifelong success. 

Commitment to excellence

We are unwavering in our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our services. We strive to provide the highest standard of care, continuously raising the bar for ourselves and the industry. Our team of dedicated professionals is driven by a shared passion for helping children and their families. We maintain a culture of continuous improvement, staying at the forefront of advancements in therapy techniques, research, and best practices. Through ongoing professional development, rigorous quality assurance measures, and a commitment to evidence-based interventions, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible care and achieve optimal outcomes. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond therapy sessions; it permeates every interaction, from the warm welcome in our child-friendly spaces to the personalized attention and support we offer families. 


"My grandson has been going here for about 9 months. The therapists Brittany and Caroline have been blessings for him. Everyone I have come into contact with have been so helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Therapy Town to help your child with any needs they may have."

Denise Primeaux

"Love the staff! They always answer any questions I have and respond to voice-mail in a timely manner. They worked with me to speed up my son's referral process."

Alysson Scott

"Super nice people, super clean place, and awesome setup for the kids!"

Jordan Billy

Together, we're building brighter futures.

At TherapyTown, we're here to support you every step of the way, providing compassionate care and expertise to help your child thrive and reach their full potential. Together, let's build a brighter future filled with growth, joy, and endless possibilities.


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